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UPSC VARUNA 2022 - English



Why in News ?

The 20th edition of the Indian and French Navy bilateral exercise ‘VARUNA-2022’ is being conducted in the Arabian Sea.


It has become a vital part of the India-France strategic bilateral relationship.

The Indian and French Navies have been conducting bilateral maritime exercises since 1993. Since 2001, these exercises have been called ‘VARUNA’. This is an annual event.

These interactions further underscore the shared values as partner navies, in ensuring freedom of seas and commitment to an open, inclusive Indo-Pacific and a rules-based international order.

Indo – Pacific

It is a recent concept. It was about a decade ago that the world started talking about the Indo-Pacific but its rise has been quite significant.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of this term is an understanding that the Indian Ocean and the Pacific are a linked strategic theater.

Also, the centre of gravity has shifted to Asia. The reason being maritime routes, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific provide the sea lanes. Majority of the world’s trade passes through these oceans.

errorism and the fear of assertion by a particular country in the region are major threats to the Indo-Pacific region.

The Indo-Pacific region includes world’s four big economies: USA, China, Japan and India.

India considers the region as an inclusive, open, integrated and balanced space. India continuously emphasises on strategic inter-connections, common challenges and opportunities between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.




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