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How To Become An IAS Officer : Step By Step Guide

How To Become An IAS Officer : 

How to come an IAS Officer is a question to numerous? Especially for the scholars studying in 10th and 12th standard. Are you an pushing seeker who wants to join Indian executive services?

Have you decided on a career thing for yourself and ready to do anything to achieve your thing? Also, yes you're at the right place. Then, I'm going to tell you how to come an IAS officer after 12th in simple way. Keep reading the composition till the end to know further about it.
And Are you planning to come a District Magistrate after getting an IAS Officer? Also, 2 to 3 elevations of an IAS Officer make you a DM. To know further details of the same read How to Come DM.

Full Form Of IAS
Numerous of us hear about the IAS officer. But veritably many of us know the full form of IAS officer. So let us first understand what the full form of IAS. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. It's one of the most prestigious government jobs in India.

How To Come An IAS Officer
To come an IAS officer the seeker needs to crack the Civil Service Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). After passing the UPSC-CSE test only an pushing seeker can come an IAS officer.

Eligibility Criteria – Age Limit
The minimal age criteria to appear for the UPSC CSE test are at least 21 times ofage.The maximum age limit where a seeker can come an IAS officer for the general the order is 32 times, And the maximum limit for the OBC order is 35 yearsAlso, for of SC/ ST order is 37 times.

Educational Qualification
To come an IAS officer and crack the UPSC CSE test a seeker should hold a scale degree from any honored University. Indeed a seeker appearing for the final time of scale can appear for thisexamination.Candidates who have taken correspondence education are also eligible for thisexamination.Digits with a specialized degree are alsoeligible.Even professionals can apply for this particularexamination.A medical pupil is also eligible to apply for this examination. But only if he has completed the degree and witnessing an externshipprogram.A seeker who has passed CA, ICWA, and ICSI are also eligible to apply for the post.
Number Of Attempts

For the general order, the seeker is limited to 6attempts.And for that off OBC, the seeker has a limit of 9attempts.An SC/ ST seeker has no limit till 37 times of age.


What Is The UPSC CSE Test?

UPSC is nothing but daises for union public service commission which conducts the CSE test. It's one of the toughest competitive examinations in India.

UPSC CSE test takes place in three stages videlicet-

1. Primary test 2. Mains test 3. Interview process

Primary Test
This test consists of multiple- choice questions. And also has a negative marking of0.33 marks as a penalty. The duration of the paper is of 2 hours with a total mark of 400.

Paper 1
Current affairs, Indian history, and politics.

Paper 2
Civil service aptitude test( CSAT).

Mains Test
After qualifying for the primary test the seeker is eligible for the Mains test. Mains test is a descriptive type of test. It includes a aggregate of nine papers and total marks of 1750.

Syllabus for the Mains Test

Essay on any topicIndian Heritage, Culture, Geography Constitution, Governance, Social JusticeTechnology, Environment, Disaster ManagementEthics, Integrity and AptitudeIndian Language (Anyone of the language) English language

Interview Process
After passing the ideal and the private test a seeker is eligible for the last interview process. Only a many campaigners reached this final round. After qualifying and cracking the interview the seeker becomes an IAS officer.

During the interview, private particular chops, as well as the internal capability of the seeker, are checked. After the selection of the seeker, he's given the training and posted consequently.