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Yoga is a well-known term these days, it is called a spiritual discipline that is based on a subtle science that aims at attaining harmony between body and mind. This is also referred to as science and art for achieving healthy living. The derivation of the word yoga is considered from the Sanskrit word Yuj. The meaning of Yuj is to join or yoke is to unite. Yoga is safe and is practised even by kids and older people. There is no use of hard equipment, but only movements of the body for the extension. Yoga gives relaxation to not only the mind but also flexibility to the body.

In India, the practice of yoga started centuries ago. In the present times as well,  it is followed by many due to its benefits for health as well as the overall life. Yoga has made several changes in the lifestyle of people. This is the inheritance embraced by centuries and will keep going for years. From working individuals to celebrities, everyone practices yoga to maintain a balanced life. Yoga helps to unite people in harmony and peace.

The word yoga literally means “to yoke” or “union”. More than just a practice of physical exercises, Yoga is the coming together of the individual self or consciousness, with the infinite universal consciousness or spirit. Yoga is a method of inquiry into the nature of the mind, which emphasizes practice and direct experience. Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system for development of the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga signifies ‘integration of personality’ at the highest level. It includes various practices and techniques mentioned in the yogic literature and are collectively referred to as ‘Yoga’.

Centuries ago, people belonging to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism started the following yoga and continued even now. Over the years, yoga experts have discovered different types of yoga offering numerous benefits. India is currently the centre stage of yoga and people from other countries visit India to practice it.

Currently, when the whole world is fighting against Coronavirus, yoga has gained its importance. The craze of yoga among people has increased so much and people are ready to join it via digital mode. Breathing practices have become a common practice for people as the medicines have not been introduced for the deadly virus.  Several mudras and postures are also recommended by the doctors during this time.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Greater Focus
  • Smoother Transitions
  • Optimal Order of Content
  • Improved Organization
  • Attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony
  • Promotes self-healing
  • Removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body
  • Enhances personal power
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Helps in attention, focus and concentration, especially important for children
  • Reduces stress and tension in the physical body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system


Yoga practice is safe and can bring many health benefits to practitioners. The beauty of Yoga is that it can be practised by anyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape you are in. Yoga increases an individual’s physical coordination and promotes better posture. It helps stimulate the circulatory system, the digestive process as well as the nervous and endocrine system. Yoga is dynamite to make you feel younger, refreshed and energetic.

Yoga is the perfect example of holistic health because of its combination of mind and body. It has become more popular than ever, with celebrities, politicians, business people, and people from every walk of life currently practising. Yoga is a multidisciplinary tool extremely useful to purify the mind and body and gain control over our minds and emotions. It is the most popular means for self transformation and physical wellbeing.