• 1. A federal structure for India was first put forward by the

  • 2. The Constitution of India was adopted on

  • 3. Under which Article of the
    Constitution can an Emergency
    be declared in India on account
    of war or external aggression ?

  • 4. Constitution of India considers
    free and compulsory eduction

    to children up to–

  • 5. Which Article of the Indian
    constitution provides for the
    employer to give maternity
    benefits to its employees ?

  • 6. Which among the following
    Articles of the Indian
    Constitution provides for State
    emergency and suspends
    constitutional arrangement in a
    State ?

  • 7. Article-32 of the Indian
    constitution relates to :

  • 8. During emergency, imposed
    under Art. 352, which of the
    following Constitutional
    provisions stands suspe-nded ?

  • 9. What Constitutional provision
    enables the Central Government
    to provide reservations in
    jobs and educational institutions
    for the weaker sections of the
    society ?

  • 10. What provision in the Constitution
    enabled the Central
    Government to impose the
    service tax and to expand its
    span ?

  • 11. Which of the following sets of
    Articles deals with ‘Emergency
    Provisions’ ?

  • 12. Article 14 of the Indian
    Constitution guarantees Indian

  • 13. Article 19 of the Indian
    Constitution provides

  • 14. Where is the objective of “Social
    justice” articulated in the Constitution of India ?

  • 15. A law can be enacted, or
    executive order issued, even
    contrary to Article 19, during
    proclamation of emergency

  • 16. The Preamble of the Indian
    Constitution was for the first
    time amended by the

  • 17. The following article of the
    Indian Constitution abolished the practice of untouchability.

  • 18. From the following languages
    listed in the Eighth Schedule of
    the Constitution pick out the one
    which is the
    official language of
    a State

  • 19. What is the maximum period
    upto which a proclamation
    issued by the President under
    Article 356 of the Constitution
    and approved/extended by the
    Parliament may, normally,
    remain in force ?

  • 20. Where is the objective of “social
    justice” articulated in the
    Constitution of India ?