• 1. Consider the following statements regarding Ocean Currents. 1.Water density and temperature influences the mobility of ocean currents. 2.Cold Water ocean currents travel from the equator along the surface, towards the cold polar regions. 3.Labrador current is a cold current. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

  • 2. Consider the following statements. 1.Surface current constitute more than the deep-water currents. 2.Cold currents are usually found in the west coast in the higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. 3.Warm currents are found on the east coast of continents in the low and middle latitudes. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

  • 3. Consider the following statements: 1.Garo and Khasi hills are extensions of Purvanchals in Meghalaya forming water divide between Brahmaputra and Barak River. 2.Rajmahal Hills are formed from rocks dating from the Jurassic Period and named after the town of Rajmahal which lies to the east in the state of Jharkhand. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

  • 4. One species of Coffee called Coffea charrieriana is free of Cafeine. In which of the following countries Coffea charrieriana is grown?

  • 5. The science of map-making is

  • 6. Instrument used for measuring
    area on maps is called

  • 7. The land of maximum biodiversity is

  • 8. Who coined the word ‘Geography

  • 9. The art and science of map making
    is called

  • 10. The imaginary lines joining places
    of same height at equal intervals

  • 11. Imaginary lines joining places
    with same temperature are

  • 12. What is meant by the term “midnight
    sun” ?

  • 13. The well through which water comes out through hydraulic
    pressure is called

  • 14. On which of the following planetswater cycle is available ?

  • 1. Tropic of Capricorn passes through which of the following countries? 1.Argentina 2.Bolivia 3.Chile 4.Botswana 5.Mozambique 6.Zimbabwe 7.Australia Select the correct answer code:

  • 2. Which country is called the Great Britain of the
    East ?

  • 3. In which State is the literacy rate
    of women the highest ?

  • 4. Among the world oceans, which

    ocean is having the widest continental
    shelf ?

  • 5. Which is the longest mountain

    chain on Earth?

  • 6. The cyclone that brought devastation
    in Bangladesh was named

  • 7. Which is the hottest place on

    Earth ?

  • 8. The region famous for many

    kinds of wine and champagne is

  • 9. Panama canal was constructed

  • 10. Grassland is called ‘Pampas’ in

  • 11. The equal length of day and night
    on September 23rd in all parts
    of the world is known as

  • 12. The “Grand Canyon” is on the river

  • 13. Major South-West Asian oil fields
    are located in

  • 14. Ports of the Baltic Sea remain
    open for trade even during winter

  • 15. The country where drip irrigation
    is more efficiently used is

  • 16. The civilian Airport of highest altitude
    is in

  • 17. The Daocheng Yading Airport is

    located in

  • 18. The largest producer of wool in
    the world is

  • 19. Japan’s famous shipbuilding Industries
    are located at

  • 20. To reach from Kanyakumari to

    Colombo, one has to cross

  • 1. India lies in the ..............hemisphere

  • 2. The fertile land between two rivers
    is called

  • 3. Consider the following statements and select the correct answer from the code given below: Assertion (A): All rivers originating from the Himalayas are perennial. Reason (R): Himalayas receive much of their precipitation from South-Western monsoon.

  • 4. Which of the following border is
    known as Radcliffe line ?

  • 5. India recently signed land

    boundary agreement with which country?

  • 6. Where is the Headquarters of the
    Botanical Survey of India located?

  • 7. Where is Indian Institute of Petroleum
    located ?

  • 8. Which cities were first connected

    by the STD services?

  • 9. Of the following, the town which
    does not come within the National
    Capital Region is ?

  • 10. Who was the first Indian woman
    to scale Mt. Everest?

  • 11. Which of the following is called

    the ‘shrimp capital of India’ ?

  • 12. Where is National Chemical
    Laboratory (NCL) located?

  • 13. According to a study conducted
    by Hyderbad’s National Institute
    of Nutrition, the healthiest
    of 14 fresh fruits commonly

    consumed in India with maximum
    ‘Goodness Index’ is

  • 14. The district which is not part of
    National Capital Region is

  • 15. Over the years, birth rate in India
    has _____ and death rate has _____.

  • 16. Raipur is the capital of which
    Indian State?

  • 17. Arrange the following cities in an
    order from North to South 1. Bhubaneswar 2. Chennai 3. Hyderabad 4. Cochin

  • 18. What is the source of natural energy
    of the hot springs at Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh ?

  • 19. Which State has the longest

  • 20. Which of the following states has
    the lowest literacy rate?