• 1. Which of the following treaties
    brought an end to the independent
    existence of Peshwa Baji
    Rao II ?

  • 2. Where are the mortal remains of
    St. Francis Xavier housed?

  • 3. ……………… city was found in 7 layers which indicates that it was rebuilt 7 times mostly due to the flooding of the Indus River.

  • 4. Gauthama Siddhartha attained enlightenment at …………………. under a papal tree(Bodhi tree)

  • 5. Shivaji Bhonsle was the most powerful ………………………. King

  • 6. Who among the following controlled
    maximum trade in the
    western coastal region during
    17th century ?

  • 7. Given below are the names of
    prominent leaders and their respective operational areas during
    the revolt period. Select the

    incorrect pair.

  • 8. Who was the National leader
    who wrote History of India on
    the walls of the Andaman Cellular
    Jail ?

  • 9. The ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ was first
    applied to the Princely State of

  • 10. One of the following was not involved
    in the Chittagong Armoury
    Raid, 1934. Who was he?

  • 11. Which of the following events
    made the English East India Company the legitimate masters
    of the Bengal Suba ?

  • 12. Apart from the Quit India Movement
    which started on 9th August
    1942, what other sensational
    activity of the freedom fighters
    was done on 9th August?

  • 13. Which Indian statesman used
    these magic words, “Long years
    ago we made a tryst with destiny,
    and now the time comes

    when we shall redeem our pledge
    ....” ?

  • 14. When Mahatma Gandhi was arrested
    who among the following
    took over the
    leadership of Salt
    Satyagraha ?

  • 15. In which session of Congress the
    demand of “Poorna Swaraj” was
    accepted as the aim of the Congress

  • 16. Who was the leader of the Bardoli
    Satyagraha ?

  • 17. “Go back to Vedas.” This call given

  • 18. Naokhali is situated in—

  • 19. Mahatma Gandhi was first arrested
    during ‘Satyagrah’ in the

  • 20. What was the basis of transfer
    of power to India on 15th August
    by ?

  • 1. The Gupta Saka was founded by

  • 2. During whose reign did the
    Gandhara School of Art blossom ?

  • 3. Who defeated Harshavardhan on
    the banks of Narmada ?

  • 4. The capital of Pallavas was

  • 5. Which of the following materials
    was mainly used in the manufacture
    of Harappan seals?

  • 6. ‘Tripitaka’ is the religious book

  • 7. Who
    as the “God
    Medicine” by

    Ayurveda ?

  • 8. Which one of the following Vedas
    contains sacrificial formulae?

  • 9. Varahamihira is an/a

  • 10. The famous poet Kalidasa lived
    in the court of

  • 11. The first grammarian of the Sanskrit
    language was

  • 12. Kalinga war took place in the year

  • 13. The coins of which of the following
    reveal their love for music ?

  • 14. The year of accession of Kanishka
    to throne was :

  • 15. The coins of which of the following
    reveal their love for music ?

  • 16. Kalinga

  • 17. Who among the following was not
    a physician?

  • 18. ‘Prince of Pilgrims’ was the name
    attributed to

  • 19. Varahamihira

  • 20. Who was the court poet of Harsha
    Vardhana ?

  • 1. Mahzarnama was declared by ____?

  • 2. Who introduced Mansabdari system
    in India?

  • 3. The Panchsheel agreement was
    between India and

  • 4. With which conspiracy case Aurobindo
    Ghosh’s name is connected ?

  • 5. Which of the following pair is
    incorrect ?

  • 6. Who among the following was the
    first European to be selected as President of Indian National Congress?

  • 7. The only AICC session Gandhiji
    presided was held at :

  • 8. Which of the following is not
    correct about Mahatma Gandhi?

  • 9. Who was the Nawab of Bengal
    during “Battle of Plassey”?

  • 10. The first Sultan of Delhi to issue
    regular currency and declare
    Delhi as the capital of his empire was

  • 11. The Kakori conspiracy was a train
    robbery that took place between
    Kakori and Lucknow in

  • 12. “Earth provides enough to satisfy
    everyman’s need but not everyman’s
    greed” Who said this?

  • 13. Who was the founder of the Theosophical Society?

  • 14. The only Viceroy to be assassinated
    in India was

  • 15. Who was the founder of Kolkata’s first “Atmiya Sabha” (philosophical
    discussion circle) held
    in 1815?

  • 16. In which year was the Morley
    Minto reform passed?

  • 17. In which pact, warm relations
    were established between
    “Garam dal”and “Naram dal”, the two
    groups of the IndianNational

  • 18. The quintessence of Gandhian
    thought is

  • 19. Who established the Sadr-Diwani-
    Adalat during the British
    East India Company’s rule?

  • 20. The India Independence Bill was
    first presented in the House of Commons in London on

  • 1. Consider the following statements regarding the “Gurjara-Pratihars” –the earliest rulers of rajputs?
    1.The Gurjara-Pratiharas first great leader was Harischandra. 2.He conquered extensive territory in Rajaputana and ruled with his capital at Ajmer. Choose the correct statements?

  • 2. Who among the following refer the Pala Kingdom as Ruhma?

  • 3. The famous poet Amir Khusrau
    was contemporary of all except
    following :

  • 4. Todar Mal, the brilliant revenue
    officer served under

  • 5. In which of the Round Table Conference
    Mahatma Gandhi participated?

  • 6. Who was Akbar’s guardian ?

  • 7. Who was the first Vijayanagar
    ruler to wrest the important fort
    of Goa from the Bahamanis ?

  • 8. The 1st Battle of Panipat was
    fought in the year

  • 9. Which of the following was the
    founder of the house of Peshawar?

  • 10. Which of the following monuments
    is the oldest ?

  • 11. Who among the following rulers
    abolished Jaziya?

  • 12. Who was Akbar’s famous revenue

  • 13. The greatness of Shershah lies in his

  • 14. Who of the Delhi sultans pursued
    the policy of ‘blood and iron’ ?

  • 15. Who of the following became a
    member of the “Din–i–Ilahi”?

  • 16. Who was the founder of Lodhi
    dynasty ?

  • 17. How many times Shivaji plundered
    Surat ?

  • 18. Which of the following Alberuni’s
    account of India

  • 19. Bahadur Shah (First) was born
    in the year _____

  • 20. Who was appointed by Akbar as
    his Court Musician?