• 1. Which article speaks about the Election Commission of India?
    • A) Article 323
    • B) Article 324
    • C) Article 357
    • D) Article 321
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    Answer B

  • 2. Which of the following amendment states that the appointment of the same person as governor of two or more states?
    • A) 7th Amendment Act
    • B) 42nd Amendment Act
    • C) 44th Amendment Act
    • D) 36th Amendment Act
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    Answer A

  • 3. Who has the sole authority to touch the Constitution of India?
    • A) Parliament
    • B) Prime Minister
    • C) President
    • D) Rajyasabha
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    Answer A

  • 4. The Speaker is the not the Chairman of which among the following Committee(s)?
    • A) Estimates Committee
    • B) Business Advisory Committee
    • C) Rules Committee
    • D) General Purpose Committee
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    Answer A

  • 5. Which of the following will bring abouth the collapse of Entire Loksabka?
    • A) Death of President
    • B) Foreign Tour by Prime Minister
    • C) Death/ Resignation of Prime Minister
    • D) Passing of Censure Motion
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    Answer C

  • 6. Who is the Returning Officer during Elections?
    • A) Member of Parliament
    • B) District Collector
    • C) Member of Legislative Assebly
    • D) Chief Minister
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    Answer B

  • 7. Consider the following statements regarding Delimitation of Constituencies.
    1.In the delimitation process, the number of seats allocated to different states in Lok Sabha and the total number seats in a Legislative Assembly remains the same.
    2.The Delimitation Commission in India is a high-power body whose orders have the force of law and cannot be called in question before any court.
    3. The first delimitation exercise in 1950-51 was carried out by the President with the help of the Election Commission.
    Which of the above statements is/are incorrect?
    • A) 1 only
    • B) 1,2
    • C) 3 only
    • D) 2,3
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    Answer A