• 1. Recently, which African country inspired by PM Ujjawala Yojan?
    • A) Kenya
    • B) Ethiopia
    • C) Ghana
    • D) Uganda
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    Answer C

  • 2. On July 22, 2018, The Environment Ministry re-introduced the ‘Medini Puraskar Yojna’- a scheme that awards Indian authors for their original work in which language on environment, pollution and climate change subjects?
    • A) Marathi
    • B) Sanskrit
    • C) Bengali
    • D) Hindi
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    Answer D
    The subjects include: • environment protection, • pollution control, • environmental impact assessment, • ecological restoration and development, • forest conservation, forest resources and development, • protection of wildlife, bio-diversity and climate change, • conservation of nature and biosphere reserve, • environment education and nature.